John Hansen

Treefall is the Millennium Book.  It came to Earth like a seed, to be planted during the last moments before the New Millennium, to gather strength in its new dawn.  Its source of power is ideas; some old, some new.  The old ideas reflect the truths of the great religions, but possess novelty by being cut from new cloth.  As for the new ideas, it is not true that there is nothing new under the sun, because Treefall has ideas that have never been seen before.  But beware of ideas, because they are the clay from which we shape our Souls; and if an idea is true, and in perfect resonance with all other true ideas, then when it combines with our immortal clay, the Soul can never recall  its unenlightened state.  Everything comes from within, except for ideas, which voyage among Souls, to take root and grow wherever they resonate.  So beware of Treefall, because it is filled with resonant ideas, that once thought, cannot be un-thought.  Perhaps the greatest mystery is the origin of an idea, especially one that is obvious once conceived, but inconceivable prior to its conception.   Perhaps it is true that an idea can only come when its time has come.  Perhaps the ideas in Treefall have not come before, because we were not ready.  That they have come now, means that we are ready, now.  Ready to know, for the first time--Who we are--What we are--and what we are For.  So prepare to take a journey to a new place created through the lens of new ideas.  At first, the new place will seem like the old place, with a few distortions.  But before long, the distortions will become the whole, to be perceived as a new Reality.  Treefall is a journey of the Mind, but not a journey to be taken lightly, or on a whim.  Because it is a journey from which you cannot return

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